February 26, 2014

whipped cream

Slightly sweetened whipped cream is a great way to add some extra comfort to your hot cocoa, balance out the sweetness in a rich chocolate cake, or to lighten up some pastry cream for a pie filling (banana cream pie, anyone?).


All you really need to do is add a tablespoon of powdered sugar to a cup of heavy cream. Unlike baking, the proportions are approximate, depending on how sweet you want it. You don’t really need a recipe for this, but I’ll provide one in case you are a rule-follower like me.


Whipped Cream



  1. Using the whisk attachment of your stand mixer (or a hand mixer (or… in a pinch, some elbow grease and your wire whisk)), combine cream and sugar, beating on high until soft peaks form. If you are folding into another mixture (such as pastry cream), beat until stiff peaks form (peaks should stand up straight and not droop), but be careful not to overmix, or it will get lumpy.

The end.

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