hotcocoaThis blog is for my friends: It’s for my friends who like to eat, and it’s for my friends who are thinking about having babies. It’s for friends who are interested in Christ-centered marriages, and friends who are interested in teaching children. And it’s for my friends who just care about me and want to see what I’m up to these days, like we’re catching up over a frothy cuppa hot cocoa.

I have loved my gig as an elementary school teacher these past eight years like you wouldn’t believe. Teaching will always be one of my passions, and I am excited to share what I know as a teacher* and how I hope to apply that knowledge as a parent. I already miss that chapter in my life, but the next one is here and I’m stunned at how much I am enjoying it! Staying home to care for our children is not what I had expected at all. It’s way better. I’m relatively new to this job, but I’m happy to share what I’m learning as I go! I know there are a gazillion more experienced mommies who could (and do) write with much more wisdom than I can offer, but that will always be the case. So I’m gonna share what I can and hope somebody gleans something from it!

And if parenting is not your thing, that’s fine. I hope you stay for the food. I love to bake and cook, but usually keep it simple. My favorite kind of recipe is one that tastes amazing with fewer than 8 ingredients (including salt and pepper) that can be made in under an hour. I have been known to deviate from this, but am always looking for shortcuts along the way.

I love my husband, I love my children, and I can’t wait to meet our first one again in heaven someday. I’m not afraid of death, and I’d be ecstatic to tell you why. I love Jesus, and I hope to make the most of the life he’s given me. Happy to share it with y’all.

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*I taught third and fourth grade, so that is the age group most of my education-related pieces are about. Also, when I post about teaching, I do not use real names of students.

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