July 7, 2018

Last week, I shared tips on traveling to Disneyland with a 2- and 4- year old. Today, I’m going to focus on tips for bringing the princess-loving child to Disneyland. Like I mentioned before, I never imagined I’d be the mother of a super princessy girl, but here she is. And here I am. And she loves everything princess so much that we decided to finally bring her to the place where they all live: Disneyland. The magic is real, and I am so glad we brought her. She had a royally fun time!

For the Princess Fan

In case your child is really, really into princesses like mine currently is, here are some princess-related things to know:

Once when we were walking past Tomorrowland, we crossed paths with Maleficent, who narrowed her eyes at my daughter and said in measured, perfectly sinister tone, “Hello, Belle…” as she glided past. My daughter stopped in her tracks and stared after her, not sure whether she was a nice or not-nice character (we haven’t watched Sleeping Beauty yet). I loved how she and Gaston and the other cast members played along and I’ve never loved dress-up more. If you are taking your little princess to “the castle where all the princesses live,” I hope you have the most magical and wonderful time!

One response to “Planning a Disneyland Trip for a Princess Lover”

  1. Joanna says:

    Lovely tips! I didn’t know the one about the Royal Theater after-show — that was really cool that the other mom noticed your daughter dressed as Belle and thought to tell you about it.

    Did you ever catch the Aladdin musical at the Hyperion? I enjoyed the Frozen musical the last time I watched it, but I was really sad because the Aladdin musical was SO GOOD. I get that they have to update the shows, but I could have watched the Aladdin musical every day, it was that good. But yeah, the show is always a great way to get out of the heat in the afternoon.