August 1, 2015

How to make cold brew coffee (9)

I stumbled upon this cold-brew recipe a few years ago and was dying to try it. But I disciplined myself and kept putting it off due to being pregnant or nursing. But my will eventually crumbled (years of pregnancy and nursing will do that to you) and I finally gave it a go! Now I daily face the temptation of sweet, delicious iced coffee every day in my refrigerator… ai yah. What have I done. But it’s SO GOOD! And SO EASY. You can just use the recipe linked above, but it’s kind of long so I figured I’d break the basic information down into two parts: 1) How to make a simple cold brew (this post), and 2) A great recipe for Vietnamese iced coffee using your cold brew (post coming soon!). YUMMMMYYYY!!!!!!

How to make cold brew coffee (2)

Back when I first read the recipe, I mentally boiled down the 1,242-word post down to these simple directions: steep coffee grounds in water. I guess nowadays the hip term for this process is making cold brew. It’s such an easy way to prepare coffee, and results in a smooth, less-acidic coffee after. After you filter out the grounds, then BOOM. There’s your cold brew. Done. Now you have coffee concentrate at your fingertips, ready to refresh you morning after morning! I love her idea of making a big batch so all you have to do in the days (or weeks) to follow is pour it over a bit of ice and really, you can be done. Anything to keep the mornings more simple!

After making your batch of cold brew, check out this recipe (link will work soon 🙂works!) for a great Vietnamese coffee using condensed milk. MMMM. Soooo creamy, perfectly sweet, and delicious! Enjoy!


Cold Brew Coffee Recipe
Adapted from The Pioneer Woman
Yield: 8 cups



  1. Steep the coffee: Stir 4 ounces of ground coffee into 8 cups of room temperature water. Cover and let sit at room temperature for 8 hours or overnight.
  2. Filter out the grounds:
    Method 1) Place a mesh strainer over a bowl, and line with two layers of cheesecloth. Pour the coffee in and let it strain through. Dump the grounds.
    Method 2) Place a smaller mesh strainer over a large measuring cup. Line with a coffee filter, and then pour and strain the liquid. I used this method my first time, because I didn’t feel like cleaning cheesecloth. It took a little longer to strain all the liquid, but… I didn’t have to clean the cheesecloth! 🙂 (Update: But really, the cheesecloth method is MUCH FASTER so if you have cheesecloth handy, just use it and clean it. It will take much less time in the end!)
  3. Chill in refrigerator and use as desired. It should keep for up to a month in an airtight container!

2 responses to “How to Make Cold Brew Coffee”

  1. Carolyn says:

    I’ve been doing this for a couple years, based on the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, and I love it. I use a coarser grind of coffee (french press grind) and a fine mesh strainer and clean up is much easier. I usually make my coffee a bit stronger and add an equal amount of cashew milk to the finished brew. Mmmm. (BTW, you put 8 quarts in the ingredient list, but 8 cups in the instructions.)

    • joellen says:

      Yes, I love this recipe, too! So irresistable… *sigh*. Great tips with the coarser grind and fine mesh strainer and the cashew milk!! All things I think I will try! Ooh, thanks for the catch on the recipe. I updated the instructions.