August 15, 2017

We threw a bridal shower for my friend this past weekend, and one of the activities I was excited to set up was this tower of blocks:

It was pretty easy to put together, and offered a nice twist from the usual pen and paper version of this station I usually see at bridal showers. I searched for some blocks (that didn’t have “Jenga” written all over them), lettered some instructions, and that was all it took to put this station together. It was a fun opportunity to practice my lettering, bust out some watercolors, and put my collection of Sharpies to use.

I especially liked this idea because it would not only serve as an activity for guests to participate in during the shower, but would make a nice, personalized keepsake for the bride afterward, too! I can just imagine her playing this game with her kids someday, smiling at the ideas and words written on the blocks and remembering this special day when we showered her with love! If you’ve got a bridal shower to plan in the future, keep this idea bookmarked!

For some reason, whenever I attend bridal showers, I can’t think of a good piece of advice to write down, and oftentimes end up with some generic suggestion about communication or going on date nights or something… so here is my cheat sheet for future me with advice that I have actually been preaching to myself this past year:

  1. Laugh more
  2. Fight against a hardness of heart
  3. Be more flexible (and don’t nag about small stuff)

What about you? What is some of your favorite marriage advice? I’d love to hear it in the comments below- who knows, maybe it’ll show up on a wooden block sometime in the future ;).

2 responses to “Easy and Fun Bridal Shower Keepsake and Activity”

  1. Kathryn says:

    I like the idea, but you’d have to be very confident that none of the guests would decide to be “funny” and write something inappropriate…unfortunately, that is the path most of my cousins and their and my sister’s friends (not my sister herself) would follow.

    But then, I usually choose (family friendly) humor over sentiment myself. We did something similar to this at a baby shower for one of my cousins – they gave us a stack of diapers and some sharpies and had us write messages “to brighten up those midnight diaper changes”. Most were hearts and “I love you Mom/Dad” etc. I did stuff like biohazard symbols. Haha. (I knew the cousin in question would find it funny – I wouldn’t have done it if it were my sister, who prefers mushy stuff.)

    • joellen says:

      Haha I think funny comments would be welcome, too :). Thanks for the thoughts and ideas!