July 17, 2014

Frozen Bananas Yum Yum

Frozen Bananas. The very thought of them makes me feel summer sunshine, vacation, and strolls near Laguna Beach. They always felt like a splurge, but never one that I regretted. They are incredibly easy to make, though, so no need to splurge! Now you can bring this carnival treat home to share with your friends!

I wonder if this is a SoCal thing, because when I made these for my NorCal friends, most of them had never heard of it before. Regardless of where you live, they’re a tasty summer treat and really easy to make. As an added bonus, kids will have a lot of fun poking, dipping, and eating these as well! Not to mention that they’re pretty healthy for you– bananas, nuts, and a leeeetle bit of chocolate. What’s not to love?

There are only three ingredients:

Frozen Bananas

First, you simply peel the bananas, cut them, insert the popsicle sticks, and freeze them:

Frozen Bananas 1

Then dip the frozen bananas into some Magic Shell chocolate (or melted chocolate/coconut oil):

Frozen Bananas Dipped in Magic Chocolate

Finally, quickly roll them into some toasted chopped nuts:

Frozen Bananas Rolled in Toasted Nuts

And that’s it! Ready to eat and enjoy! You can also store them in the freezer to serve later.

Frozen Bananas Recipe

I also enjoy dipping them in crushed Oreos or chocolate granola, like Nature Valley’s Oats ‘n Dark Chocolate Granola Bar.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy these yummy, healthy-ish treats this summer!


Easy Chocolate-Dipped Frozen Bananas
Makes 4



  1. Prepare the bananas: Peel the bananas and cut each in half. Poke a popsicle stick into the middle of the cut end of the banana half. Tip: Point the stick toward the tip of the banana so it is more secure, and push until the stick is almost at the tip of the banana. Place on a plate. Repeat with the other 3 bananas, then freeze for 1 hour or until hardened.
  2. Prepare your toppings: Have them chopped and ready on a plate. Make each pile into a little mound so that when you roll your chocolate-dipped banana onto it, the toppings have an easier time adhering quickly before the chocolate hardens.
  3. Dip your bananas: Fill a narrow cup 1/3 full of magic shell (or melted chocolate). Tilt the cup and dip one of the banana halves into the cup, turning to coat everywhere. Quickly drip off excess and immediately roll it into topping. Set the coated banana back onto the plate and repeat with the other 3 bananas.
  4. Freeze until ready to serve. Enjoy!

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