June 27, 2014

When I first got married, I had no idea how to cook.

“Oh, but you bake!” friends would say.

Baking ? cooking, my friends.

The whole thing was so overwhelming to me, from menu planning to grocery shopping to actually making edible things. If my husband hadn’t been so incredibly encouraging about the whole project and agreed to wash all the dishes (and there were a lot in the beginning, before experience taught me how to streamline better), I don’t know where we be today.

5 good recipes a year

Since I was so daunted by the prospect of making upwards of 200 meals a year, I instead focused on making it a personal goal to simply find five good recipes to “add to the mix.” I decided to research 5 of the diet friendly dishes closest to me, to try and inspire me.

Yes. Five.

That sounds totally doable, right?

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